diumenge, 3 de febrer del 2013


Hola a tothom!
Us faig arribar una pàgina on trobareu moltes activitats i informació sobre el Carnaval i el Dijous Gras.
Sempre està bé saber-ne una mica més, oi?          

 I el divendres ens veiem tots disfressats a la Rua !!!

divendres, 1 de febrer del 2013


And so sleeping beauty was awoken by a kiss from the prince and they lived happily ever after… Or did they? 
We follow the exploits of our hapless Prince Neville as he searches the fairytale countryside, looking for a princess to marry. On his way he meets Snow white, Rapunzel and an evil ugly witch determined not to allow them have their ‘happy ever after’ ending. Students have been asked to join in with the fun, sing along, and help Nev find the girl of his dreams.
Children have enjoyed a lot !!